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About Us is a product of 3D Industries Ltd., an exciting technology company made up of an international team of world-leading search and manufacturing experts.

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Our Technology

The Technology

Using cutting edge and powerful search technology, we have developed a tool that takes you direct from design on your computer, through sourcing of part, to contact with supplier and ordering of part.

You can source for parts and components in different materials and sizes and from different geographies. It provides an easy way to search by keyword, our sample parts, or best of all, your own uploaded 3D model.

The site is compatible with all the main 3D model formats and couldn't be easier to interface with.

The Community

Our Community

A growing network of global suppliers who have recognized the power that offers are joining this industry-changing revolution. By uploading their parts and 3D catalogs, they are accessing the global marketplace and giving themselves a huge advantage in making the next sale.

And an even larger community of buyers are turning to for their sourcing needs, taking advantage of this powerful tool to increase sourcing precision and cut down time and costs of procurement.

3D Revolution

The Revolution!

We are harnessing the power of next generation 3D search to revolutionize the way you source parts. We provide a tool that makes this critical process rapid, accurate and cheap. (It's faster, better, cheaper!)

Our philosophy is, if "a picture paints a thousand words", then "a 3D model contains a thousand specs"!

As a supplier, makes your catalog fully accessible, giving you the greatest chance possible of making sales worldwide. It gives you unparalleled global access and exposure. Your database can be interrogated comprehensively. No opportunity to match a buyer's demands or a call for parts need be missed ever again. 

As a buyer, puts the world of parts at your fingertips. It connects your designing with your part sourcing in a smooth end-to-end process. Barriers to sourcing drop. You find the part you are looking for with a simple click. Put an end to the tedious and endless task of wading through specs and printed catalogs to find approximations for the part you are seeking. Save time, money, and frustration. 

Once you try the power of, you will never look at sourcing the same way again!

Who We Are

The Challenge We Wanted to Tackle

The act of part sourcing has remained a labour-intensive and slow process - a 'black art', in fact - having changed little over the centuries. This translates into missed opportunities and significant procurement and sourcing costs.

Our Dream aims to become the leading site for sourcing of industrial parts worldwide; the first stop for suppliers and buyers in any manufacturing enterprise. 

We want to make the act of part sourcing - so critical to your business - a simple, efficient, and (dare we say it) enjoyable process!

Imagine being able to go directly from:

(1) designing a product on your computer, to

(2) using those designs to search for real parts globally, and then onto

(3) making contact with the supplier to purchase the parts. 

Imagine the savings in time, hassle and costs! This is not sci-fi - it's the reality of this site. Try it for yourself!